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Hey guys I'm posting my want list up a a few forums to just help widen my search for some pieces I'm looking for for my 99 V70XC. I don't think they should be too hard to find used...at least I hope.

1.Snabb turbo inlet pipe/fresh air intake/ j-pipe, call it what you will but I'm looking for the aluminum piping that goes from the air box to the turbo. Any P80 ones will work as I'd just have to change a few fittings to make it work on mine.

2. Strut Bar it can be factory, ipd, omp, etc... just not the obx ebay one.

3. brake caliper brackets for 302mm rotors

4. downpipe without cat from a 2000 awd model x70, if you have an aftermarket one laying around i might be interested in it instead, but a factory 2000 one will be fine for me.

5. P80 ipd alloy skid plate, yes I know it wont fit as is but I can make it fit.

6. and a long shot here at a used aftermarket drop in 850/x70 intercooler, it can be ebay, snabb, etc.

I think thats all for now if I come up with anything else I'll update the list.

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