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P80 & P2 & 7/900 Parts For Sale - Carlisle Delivery Edition

List of goodies that can be delivered to Carlisle.

PM me if interested.

P2 E code halogen headlights. Like new, I ran them for 2 weeks before figuring out how to make Xenons work on my 2003. Upbuilt, have harnesses that will adapt them to 05+. $300

P2 Xenon adapter harnesses 01-04 $20

P80 Stainless Door Sills $60

P80 Dolby Dash w/cover in Charcoal $100

P80 ME7 Snabb intake w/blue couplers $140

P80 Jewel Headlight parts $Varies from $200 decent complete set to random shrouds, housings, reflectors

P80 DVS Australia 320mm P1 based Brake Kit (Brackets, adapters, hardware, calipers & bored to fit rotors that were just recut on a brake lathe) $350

Green Injectors and fuel rail from S60R $100 obo

R manifold $50

S60R wheel from 04 but has 05+ buttons currently $50

S60R DIM $50

SC803 from S60R $50

Prancing Moose Wheel Center Caps $40

-89 flat hood 740 eggcrate grille $50

960 wagon tails $80

New p80 jewel headlight glass $100

x70 e codes (98-00/02)$200 they have xpel, new volvo euro harnesses, the legendary osram 65w H7 rallye and LED highs

960 TB plate in 850/98 NA Throttle body w/linkage $50

00 p80 angle gear $400

DS xc90 halogen headlight $60

S70 emerald spoiler $60

P2 wagon subwoofer w/mat and harness $500


x70 us market turn signals/corners $50 a pair

P80 aluminum ipd skid plate $140

Full p2 turbo oil and water lines w/70k for k24 $160 or break it up as fit some of these lines are $75+ each

NEW Tan p80 cargo cover w/install jigs $160 ($280 new)

P2 wagon oak cargo cover $50

P2 wagon charcoal cargo cover $50

00 R steering wheel probably best for reskin $50

98-00 US market headlights like new $100 they have brand new oem volvo euro harnesses

DS p2 xenon headlight glass $60

Hella 500 black Magic’s on p2 aux light bracket w/100w H3's $100

P80 aero cross rails with intact rubber $80

P2 01-04 tail lights for wagon $40

07 xc70 blinker style mirrors in 426 silver $80

P2 ac compressor with 45k $80

Eibach P2 V70 (S80 too if you really wanted to lower one) progressive springs used $180


Lesjofors 30mm linear "supposedly oem volvo sport v70 springs (PN cross references) " lowering kit New In Box


P2 "T5" silver mesh trim bits 05+ $BO

That should be a good start. Also have other little items too many to list just ask mostly p80 stuff

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