(See description for pricing for each item)
(I will be adding pictures soon)

(trying to raise some extra cash to finish building my car)

OEM P3 V60 CC Suspension (fits any p3) - 350$
OEM P3 V60 CC Rear sway bar - 200$
OEM P3 V60 CC Steering wheel - 200$
OEM 2017 S60 T6 Shift assembly and shift knob - 300$
OEM P3 Clock Spring - 50$
Magnaflow 12265 Muffler with 3" exhaust tips -500$
OEM V60 CC (2015-16 maybe more not fully sure) load bars - 200$
OEM P3 5cyl turbo intake - 150$
OEM P3 5cyl turbo turbo intake pipe - 100$
OEM P3 5cyl turbo inlet manifold - 125$
5x108 to 5x112 (with 63.4) wheel adapters - 400$ (these have seen maybe 50 miles of use)