There's no denying that Top 10 lists are taking over the blogosphere. In that vein, Jalopnik has run a list of the Top 10 Cars There Were Never Enough Of . It makes for interesting reading, especially since the P2 V70 R AWD is on that list.

Of course, we doubt we have to sing the praises of the V70 R to anyone who reads this site. We even just launched our own second V70 R project car series . However, seeing the V70 R get a mention in such a list on a general auto enthusiast site like Jalopnik is nice to see.

Volvo V70 R Interior

Jalopnik mentions there were only 3,500 made. To that we'd add that they even had a manual transmission, something many volume-generated manufacturers seem to be ignoring nowadays but something enthusiasts still covet. Okay, so the 18-inch wheels only came on the S60 R, but there's just something about a V70 R.... and wheels can be swapped.

See the rest of the list HERE .