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What you're looking at here is a center console OEM refrigerator/cooler/ice box! This came with my mother's 2002 V70XC Ocean Race (which is since gone otherwise I would show a picture of the fridge in action), and is a dark charcoal. The unit was only used sparingly (~ 5 times), as in order to use it the middle seat must be taken out.

Because the refrigerator does sit in place of the middle seat, I don't believe it'll work in the S60 or any Volvo that has a 60/40 split rear seating.

It comes with all accessories, including a small tray that sits on top of the interior portion while closed, and the power unit that plugs in to the 12V socket in the back.

I'm not really sure how to valuate this as I have not seen many for sale, so I'm thinking around $100. Feel free to make an offer as well since I'm looking to get rid of this thing. Willing to deliver locally in Eastern Massachusetts or ship at the buyer's expense.

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