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Sorry for long post lol. But I need some guidance and im hoping some of u guys can help lol. TIA
I'm looking at crutchfield for a head unit w touchscreen. Was going to get it direct from them and they offer a pre-wired plug and play harness...do any of you guys have an aftermarket sterio and know if the center speaker (in dashboard under windshield) will still be hooked up? I have an 06 with the hu-850 and the speaker apparently plugs directly into that headunit. Dont know if they will be able to keep it when they build the harness for the touchscreen. Was wondering if u guys could give some input cuz Ive gotten 2 grom units and both stopped working after a week or 2....upgrade time lol

Am also looking to add performance stuff, and i currently have a hilton stage 2 tune. Do you guys know if i can get it all installed and re-tuned at any high rep tuner, or do i need to go to someone who knows these cars. Nobody really does volvos around me, it's mostly subaru audi and bmw builders/tuner shops.

The basics im trying to do are - Snabb fmic (originally was thinking Phuzzy but have heard bad reviews), ipd 4t4 turbo, ipd turboback exhaust, elevate sleeves (can an experienced builder disassemble engine np and send it to elevate for their sleeves?), the entire front steering basically from IPD, both headlight ballasts, angle gear (not needed but will do anyway), elevate lowered suspension with 4c compatibility....and ill obviously need a tune. Will also most likely need awd serviced, parking sensors don't work and neither does the alarm. Am also getting an anti skid warning light...was going to get a hilton stage 2+ along with all that, but im thinking maybe that if im going to a place with a dyno theyll get more out of it tuning it themselves. But can any high rep place do all this if i get them the the VIDA or DICE or whatever, or do i need to send it to a specialist in like Oregon or something. Thank u for any help
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