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Hey folks!

Change up your R's front end with the badge-less Mesh Grille we have on SALE for the month of October! Made out of ABS plastic painted flat black with an aluminum mesh grille, this steps up the R's aggressiveness in rear view mirror's ten fold! No cutting or any modifications required - simply pull out the factory grille by carefully undoing the clips, and slap this one in :D

Regular price is USD $169, on SALE it is now USD $99! For our fellow maple syrup lovin' Canadians, the grille is nearly $100 off at the SALE price of CAD $133.65!!

For those wondering, we do not have the EuroSport Tuning badges anymore. Most customers chose the plain grille over the badged so it has been removed as an option. Some have tacked on the existing R badge from their factory grille or gotten a new R badge from the dealer.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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