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In the fleet we have a 2004 XC70, ongoing battle with BCM-1A5F no communication. Have already tried for example pulling the DEM fuse (in case its putting interference on the low speed CANbus).

Over the weekend disconnected the BCM connector and measured pins 11 and 15. Resistance between the pins was 120.5 ohms as expected. Pin 11 to chassis ground was 13.1 Mohm, within the 13 Mohm min spec.

However, pin 15 to chassis ground was 10.5 Mohm. Is this a concern I should be tracking?

Car doesn't have DSTC or STC, Two boneyard modules, one from a 2002 AWD 2002 S60, and one from an early build 04 XC70, failed to work, though with the latter I get the trip odo to show up for the first 45 seconds or so.

Any idea what root cause might be? Looking into a XeMODed replacement module or repair, but if something else is effecting the low speed CANbus would like to try addressing first.
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