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p1800 wheel sizes

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I have two 1800's. One is original the other is modified. I want to put a really hottie set of wheels on the modified one.

The wheels I like are 17x8, 38 offset and The Tire rack recommends a 225/40 or 45/17 tire. The overall height of the whell tire combo is 25" I have looked at it and it looks like if it did fit it would be close.

Does anyone have an opinion on this and if the opinion is "no way".

Is there a maximum Wheel size/offset/tire width/tire size you would recommend??

I dont like the Pegasus wheels and I dont care for the superlite wheels.

The car has the 5 spoke wheels from an 850 on it now and they are "okay" but they seems to have a +42 offset???

Cerainly someone has chewed on this dirt before. Help?
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Re: p1800 wheel sizes (ironjon3x)

Hi Jon, I've been considering very much the same in particular in relation to a brake upgrade which I'm working on. In this respect I have had good help from my 1800ES friend Per, in Sweden who has one of the coolest and most professional modified 1800ES you can imagine. Check out the chassis list #4352! The wheel/tire combination shown in the gallery has subsequently been changed to 17x8 Koyo Magic with ET 42 and 3mm spacers = ET 39 corrected i.e. pretty close to original. Tires are 225/45-17. According to Per this works perfect, HOWEVER, there's obviously also a drawback which has to be considered...... You need to adjust the "stop bolt" limiting the max movement of the pitman arm -this in turn (ha ha) has the effect that the turning radius will go from excellent to worse than a V70 = significant! But how often do you really need to make curb-to-curb U-turns? Best regards John

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