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I am selling my '62 P1800. I guess it's probably going to be seen as a parts car by most of ya'll but that wasn't my intentions for it. I was going to fix it up and put it on the streets. It's a good rolling chassis.

Anyway, this car's got some rust issues here and there but the floors are solid. At one point it was in a collision to the very corner of the passenger headlight area - I have a replacement panel from another car to fix this. The car is mostly complete. The original bumpers are gone - there are later model bumper with it though. The interior is complete but needs to be re-done. Only the rear interior sections are still installed in the car. Carpet has been discarded. The white vinyl headliner is in great condition. All glass is in great shape. Most of the chrome too.

The original engine (from the factory) engine block is still installed but the head had a crack and has been removed (but I still have it). Original overdrive transmission is still installed. Exhaust is gone except for the manifold. The Radiator, SU carbs are present but removed.

Extras Include: another B18 engine that was said to be rebuilt (has been taken apart now) needs matching connecting rods [I'm told the caps don't match the rods that were in it]. You can use the caps/rods that's in this car now though. Bearings are in good shape, look new. The head of this engine has been improved with the performance double wound valve springs and anodized looking valve
retainers. Maybe just slap this head on the currently installed engine? Also included is a set of B20 stock exhaust manifold and dual downpipe exhaust - they offer better flow than the original B18 items. I replaced the fuel tank with one from another car (this one's pretty descent). I'm also throwing in a car cover that I made to keep the rain off and so it's not an eye sore to the neighbors while being rebuilt or parted. Plenty of good parts with on and with this car. There's probably things I'm leaving out. I can send pictures if anyone's interested. There is no title - personally I was going to get a bonded title. But this car would be a good candidate for a track car too. Asking $900 cash - contact me with a PM and I'll get back with you on it asap.
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