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Have a set of BC racing coilovers that are in rough shape and need a rebuild, taken off a junkyard car. Did not grab the rear shocks since they were shot, but did grab the springs and perches. Fronts seem fine other than the passenger side camber plate assembly. See below for all parts needed to rebuild, total cost would be $513.4 including buying this set.


https://www.bcracing-na.com/product/...d=p2591-c13110 (Rear Damper $95/ea, x2 )
https://www.bcracing-na.com/product/...d=p2730-c17728 (Rear Left Mount $55, x1)
https://www.bcracing-na.com/product/...d=p2731-c18038 (Rear Right Mount $55, x1)
https://www.bcracing-na.com/product/...d=p2784-c22161 (Adjustment knob, $7.95/ea, x2)
https://www.bcracing-na.com/product/...id=p1288-c3733 (Front right camber plate $97.50, x1)

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