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Brand new megan adjustable toe arms for p1 chassis. They weren't listed as fwd/awd specific. I'm running the same ones on my 2010 S40 R-design AWD and I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between these arms for awd vs fwd but I didn't have any fitment issues. Cheapest I saw them for was about $135.

$100 USD shipped CONUS.

Also have the pair of arms that I replaced with these for sale (part number 3066072). I will upload pictures of them soon. Oddly enough it looks like one already has a small crack in the one of the bushings. Not sure how because I preloaded the suspension prior to torquing but they have less than 500 miles on them. Not a bad option if someone wants to put in poly bushings.

$25 USD shipped CONUS.

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