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My 2003 S40 would occasionally go into limp mode, show the flashing arrow, and throw P0705 check engine light code. I had a local independent mechanic replace the PNP switch. He told me after he replaced the switch, CEL would turn back on immediately. He tried adjusting the alignment of PNP switch a dozen times, to no avail.

CEL remains on, but the car drives fine -- no more limp mode or flashing arrow. I took it to another indy garage and they said DTC code 76 is on, and said there must be some problem inside the TCM, so I should take into the dealer.

The dealer wants $150/hr for diagnosis, which I'm not ready to pay yet.

My cruise control works only intermittently. Could it be a bad brake pedal sensor that's causing the CEL & DTC 76?

Thank you for any ideas.
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