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Hi folks: Newbie here and I hope I am in the right area.
I hope someone out there can help me. In January my 2015 xc60 popped a cel code. P0014 is the code. The car runs just great...there is no difference in how it ran before or after it popped the code. I took the car to my indie garage (he says he has all the diagnostic tools) and has an excellent reputation. Anyway this is what he did.
At 110,000 kms:
Replaced the VVT solenoid gaskets. Replaced the oil filter and changed the oil after flushing the engine. Removed and replaced the engine thermostat assembly.
About 4 months later at 114,000 kms after the cel popped the P0014 code.
Replaced the crankshaft position sensor bracket (apparently this is a Volvo service bulletin). And the car was checked over and apparently everything ok.The mechanic says the sensors have all tested ok.
The cel came on and popped the code within 40 kms.
The car continues to run just fine.
Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
Thanks Doug
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