For Sale
(Or if trading I'd take 18" OEM pegs or preferably 18" BBS OEM Nebulas)

The wheels are like new. They have no rash, no bend, no cracks, no issues at all - Just want a new look for this car...

I bough these wheels/tires in 2013. They have a little less than 3,000 miles on them total.

There is no discount if you want just the wheels.

Wheels: OZ Superturismo LM Set of 4 wheels, Bright silver with black OZ lettering, 18"x7.5", 5x108mm pattern, ET40 offset, 65.1mm bore. Come with the original wheel boxes too.

Tires: BF Goodrich G Force KDW, 225 35 18 - they have tons of life left. Never tracked and my car hasn't been finished in 10 years either so never even got to properly wear them down if you know what I mean. The car has always been aligned running them - there is no uneven wear, no patches. They do; however, have some wear on the sidewall where it meets the tread from contacting the rear fenders.

Fit: This is the stock overall outer diameter size for the 850 - they dont raise/lower the car or alter speedo. I have only ever had them with the BBK seen in the pictures. While they dont need spacers for this particular set up - these photos are 5mm front spacers and 15 or 20mm rear spacers.

Location: West Chester PA 19382 - Currently not willing to ship them. I am willing to meet up to show/sell them locally. I will drive 30mins in your direction too and even help you mount them if you want to 'test fit'.

Price: $1,500

Thanks for the interest,

EDIT: More photos coming