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This completes my trilogy of posts for the day. Sorry about going blah blah blah, but I'm very excited about my R discoveries and need to share:

If you experience the A/C system stench (usually because the "afterblow" feature is not enabled, dealers will clean out, disinfect and de-stink the system under warranty, but only under the OEM 4yr/50K limits. They can also enable afterblow if needed under warranty.

Apparently, the ability to customize the climate control settings has been scaled back. My dealer claims you can still change seat heater settings, and adjust front vs. rear temp balance, but that's it. I was hoping they could turn down the fan speed on auto setting. No go.

I found it interesting that Wentworth Volvo had a huge banner (NOT and official Volvo banner-- they did it on their own) hanging prominently across the showroom that says: "Warning-Change your oil every 4000 miles!" Now this could just be a ploy to get more service business, but it does openly contradict the Owner's manual. The knowledgeable guys here have always (mostly) agreed that Volvo's recommended 7500 mile interval is no good for the R. Could it be that the dealer agrees based on their experience with engine failures due to the 7500mi interval? (That's what they told me anyway.)

Finally, I am pleased to give Wentworth Volvo in Exeter a big http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
Kevin Dube (Service Foreman) and Patti (customer service) were both very helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. They have some experience with R's. My alignment (and new tie rod ends) seem perfect. Kevin wasn't familiar with the latest rain squeal bracket, nor with the Euro fog light download, but ordered the bracket for me right away when I supplied the PN (posted elsewhere). He agreed to at least "investigate" the fog light download for me, after we had the expected conversation about it being "not available" or "illegal" in the US. He was pretty easygoing and accepting of my counter arguments which I culled from this forum. So I'll report back if he eventually agrees to do it.
In any case, my experience at Wentworth today was much better than I expected from a small dealership. I feel at least comfortable using them again for warranty R work.
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