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I just got back from my trip to Europe and recieved delivery at the Factory Delivery Center of a Red S40 T5 AWD. Red seems to be an unusual color (and not a favorite of the girl who presented the car lol)

Overall, the experience was very good and I would do it again in a heartbeat but they were doing 20 cars the day I picked it up so they were overwhelmed...they actually forgot us for the tour and we had to run after it. Lunch was kind of impersonal as well but it's a beautiful facility nonetheless.
After driving car about 1700 miles around and down to Munich, I dropped it off last wednesday. That was the only negative part. Volvo provided no directions and the wrong email address. The street is new so it isn't on any maps. Luckily a friend of mine who lives in Munich and is German helped me find the place and we did 5 minutes before closing since it was quite a ways outside the city.

I think Volvo offers a wonderful service with OSD but it could have been a bit more personal...they should limit themselves to less cars per day.

The car itself is very fun in the 6 speed (especially on the German Autoroutes) but developed an interesting owl sound that seems to cause the AC to lose power on and off...always something ;-)
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