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Opening (or closing) the roof

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I know that in order to open (or close) the roof, we need to completely stop the car then continuously holding the button till it fully opened (or closed). My dealer showed me the trick, of course. However, I was fascinated by the gracefully moving roof, so I missed some details about how he completed the job. Please correct me if any of the following steps was wrong: 1. park the car (and continuosly holding the brake?), 2. pull the hand brake, 3. put the gear (5AT) at "park" position, 4. then continuously holding (pressing or pulling?) the button till the roof is fully opened, right? The reason why I ask the question is concerning my kid's safty. (Ok, I admit that I should have think of this EARLIER...
) Like many parents have experienced, that kids sometimes crawl (or hop, anyway) to the front when the car is parked. Since the C70's roof buttons are located at the central console (where the kids might step onto), I am somewhat concerned now...
BTW, don't you think those are some ugly buttons? Look at the cool roof opening buttons on SLK or even EOS...
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Re: Opening (or closing) the roof (yellow)

1. Key in pos. II (or start the car) 2. Handbrake 3. Fot on brake. 4. Press and hold down one of the two buttons (one for up and one for down) until the roof is up/down. Done! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Opening (After_Shock)

Quote, originally posted by After_Shock »
no need to have hand brake

Are you shure? I've only driven the C70 with GT, but on the 6MT I'm allmost shure that you have to pull the handbrake.
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