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One Touch Down Windows

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Alright, one pet peeve I have about my 850 is that the only one touch down window on the car is the driver's side.

We have a V70 T-5 Test Car right now, at our disposal over the holidays, and I've noticed that both front windows are one-touch as are all four windows in my other car (Volkswagen Jetta GLX).

This is something I'd love to retrofit, but frankly I know nothing about. Has anyone tried playing with this feature and upgrading to a second or multiple one-touch for the whole car?
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George, I have been messing around with my windows a bit and have found how this function works. There is an additional relay in the center console of the car wired to the power window switch module. The relay is external and wired via a pig-tail. The system looks simple enough. I am looking to tear out the relay an pin it out. The realy should be a normal DP/DD, and the driver's window switch seems to be like the others. I figure that all that would be needed is to add 3 more relays and solder a few wires to the remaining passenger window switches. Figure less than a hundred bucks for materials.
Prospero, you and I should get together once the weather gets warmer and try to figure out the mod. I want to do this to our car as a series in the project. Thanks for answering.

I think I'd do it to all windows for the driver, and for the window for the passenger and leave the rear seat switches as is.

I'm trying to remember if my 850 is one touch up. I'll have to go out and check tomorrow. I've been driving a new V70 with one touch up and down. If the 850 is only one touch down, then that might be worth checking out also.
I know that my '94 850 does not have one touch down. This is one thing worth looking into. I look forward to the warmer weather and formally meeting. Since I have not looked at a 70 in detail, are the power window switches the same as in the 850's? I am thinking that if the switches are close to the same size and look, we may be able to use them in the mod. Chances are Volvo used FETS and SSR's in the new switch and has it all in one package. The external relay on the 850's look to be an after-thought of sorts. IMO Guess I will be hearing from you soon. Till then, have a good one.
No, they are nothing alike. The older 850-bodystyle 70's are also different. Window controls were moved to the door and the switch was totally redesigned.

Oh well, the afterthought of it all is going to mean an easy retrofit for our cars.
So much for the easy route, this time.
IYO, what color would you say that the switches on the dash are when illuminated? I am thinking that they are a powder white but am not sure. I have seen different varriations from 94-95 850's. Mine have a slight brownish/greenish tint where as my friend's 850 is nearly pure white. Then again, mine does have 166k miles on it. The previous owner had the dash lights on all the time, maybe the heat got to the lenses.
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Hi Guys,
Let me know how this goes because it is something that drives me crazy on my car!
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