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When Irv Gordon bought his Volvo P1800S in 1966, he never realized just how far his love affair with this car would go. In October of 1987 at New York's Tavern on the Green, Irv drove his car past the 1,000,000-mile barrier. Next Spring, in celebration of Volvo's 75th Anniversary, Irv and his Volvo intend to cross the two-million mile mark, putting an exclamation point on a record that may never be broken.

Only a handful of cars anywhere in the world have accumulated a million miles. Two million is unheard of. Already an entry in the Guinness Book Of World Records, Irv is approaching automotive industry immortality. And just think: it all began in the pursuit of fun, routine activities and the daily drive back and forth to work.

Let's for moment provide a context for Mr. Gordon's feat. Two million miles is the equivalent of approximately four round trips to the moon, 80 laps around the Earth's equator, or going from New York to San Francisco - 668 times! For anyone interested in embarking on a journey to replace Irv in the record books, we've calculated at an average speed of about 50 miles per hour - it would take 40,000 hours (or 20 full working years) to drive.

Editor's NOTE:
"I've Got A Secret" is produced by Oxygen Media.
The "Irv" segment airs October 25, 2001.
Air times may vary based on local cable systems.

SOURCE: Volvo Cars of North America, LLC
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