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I am a new member and am looking for a really good Jensen P1800. Why a Jensen when an early S is often considered a better car? My Dad bought a Jensen new (well, it was a demo) in late 1962. I grew up with that car, had some great times with Dad in the Volvo, and had my first driving lesson as soon as I could both reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel.

Since the mid-1970s I've owned MGA coupes and a handful of other MGs, but I have always had a soft spot for the early P1800s and have been considering getting one for about ten years. Although I remember a great deal about that car, I am relearning things that I had forgotten and trying to pick up the details that I never knew.

I am going to rely on other P1800 owners to help me with little questions like the material used for the full Jensen wheel discs. Without having one and a magnet I don't know if they are stainless, plated steel, or Aluminum like the British Ace Wheel Discs.

Thanks very much for the help I'm sure you'll provide in the future.

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