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Hello All,

We added in these Pro Parts Sweden quick strut assemblies for your Volvo about a year ago and since then we've had a hard time keeping them on our shelves. I'm pleased to announce that not only have we stocked up on these but they're also now on sale! For a limited time only we've marked these down AND this sale can be combined with our Forum Appreciation Codes:

• $10 off $199+ Use code: bj4z72k6
• $25 off $399+ Use code: hk5pc9dq
• $50 off $799+ Use code: 63bwk9x2
• $75 off $999+ Use code: d7gm92q8
• $100 off $1199+ Use code: g5x83mpw
• $200 off $1999+ Use code: 64q8bs3p

<img ng-src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199736/product/open-uri20150414-24296-beh87h." src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199736/product/open-uri20150414-24296-beh87h."> <img ng-src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199733/product/open-uri20150414-24296-ahyvfm." src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199733/product/open-uri20150414-24296-ahyvfm."> <img ng-src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199734/product/open-uri20150414-24296-1npaeva." src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199734/product/open-uri20150414-24296-1npaeva."> <img ng-src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199735/product/open-uri20150414-24296-8ftpy4." src="//dyw03owr7vs3n.cloudfront.net/public/assets/products/199735/product/open-uri20150414-24296-8ftpy4.">

You can view all of our Pro Parts Sweden Quick Struts HERE.

We all know that after years of abuse and exposure to the elements your suspension will become weak and worn making it difficult to perform as original when the vehicle was new. It's usually recommended to replace front end suspension components at or around the 100k mile mark or sooner depending on your vehicle's driving conditions.

The challenging part to this process is usually the removal and installation of the coil spring however with this Quick Strut from Pro Parts Sweden, installation is simplified and easy as these units come complete with the strut, coil spring, bump stop, spring seats, and upper mount all assembled together for you.

These quick struts provide a solution to working with the dreading coil springs. I included these quick struts in our catalog because I know how uncomfortable it could be to work with coil springs under pressure and that the average DIY'er may avoid working with them altogether. These kit's make the installation process less stressful and more enjoyable. Just simply bolt them in - no fuss.

And don't forget - we're confident in everything that we sell and that's why we back our products with an industry first LIFETIME WARRANTY. - yes, this includes normal wear and tear. If your unsatisfied for what ever reason, just send them back to us at anytime. We got you covered.
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