While in Sweden last week for the XC90 reveal, I had some time to wander around town to take in the sights and sounds of the nation's capital, and stop by Volvo's Stockholm showroom.  As an American traveling abroad for the first time, I made a point to take pictures of the city's architecture as well as many of the more interesting offerings seen in town.  Although I wasn't able to get everything cool that I spotted during my stay, I did get most of the better stuff.  Let's get started.


Since this was a Volvo trip, it only makes sense to start at the brand's Stockholm showroom.  In a space so new that finishing touches were still being completed sat two vehicles- a Rebel Blue S60 Polestar, and a Powder Blue XC60 T5.  While the facially was modern and quite nice, it felt a bit minimalist.  That is, until we walked a bit further inside.


Sitting on a rotisserie located in the building's lower level was what we consider the most striking Volvo concept car of all time- the Concept Estate.  Seeing the car in person for the first time, I was amazed how much better it looks in the flesh.  Being prominently featured in this showroom is a fitting spot for the car. More images from the showroom can be found in our gallery, but it was time for me to get back to the streets.


I headed back to the Hotel Nobis, and surprisingly enough, there was yet another of the extremely rare S60 Polestars waiting outside.  We'll be getting behind the wheel of one of these very soon, so keep an eye out for that story in the coming weeks.  Since I only had so much free time, I had to keep moving.


It wasn't long after that I came across this Vibrant Copper V40 XC in a parking lot just off of Strandvägen.  While we saw quite a few V40s during our time in Stockholm, the current V40 is something that North Americans can't have.  It's a shame too, because Jalopnik's Máté Petrany tells me it's a great car.


Next, we spotted this XC60 parked curbside on one of Stockholm's many side streets.  While this is something that we get in the states, I'm a sucker for brown paint and roof boxes.  This checked both boxes, featuring the seemingly ubiquitous Volvo-branded roof box whose looks more than make up for its lack of volume.


While wandering around the oldest section of Stockholm, I came across this V50 sitting on a cobblestone street.  To a certain extent, this picture sums up the atmosphere in Stockholm- being extremely modern while embracing its rich history.  Since Sweden was largely unaffected by the two World Wars, the city's buildings bear no scars or signs of outside aggression which serves to amplify the sense of history while walking the streets.  If you're interested in that sort of thing, I highly recommend Stockholm as a must-see destination.

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