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Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

Quote, originally posted by Veefifty T5AWD »
Hey V50...what exactly is rubbing? and is it ok if they do? Am I hurting anything?

OK, I've ran a 235 40 18 Falken 512 on both an 18 x 8 and 18 x 8.5 both 45 mm offset no problems. But 235 40 18 Eagle F1 a/s are wider than the falkens, on the 18 x 8,5s they rubbed on the outer fender lip all 4, when I hit a bump hard... bad? well, bad enough for me to go to 225s insted, but rolling fenders or going back to falkens or continentals (I've heard these also fit in a 235 40 18 w/o problems)

good luck , just stay away from Eagle F1 a/s in this size if you don't want to roll your fenders.
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