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I have a newly acquired '09 2.4i. We bought it at a Volvo dealer with 83,000 miles on it. They said they just changed the oil prior to the sale. After about 500 miles I checked the dipstick and it was just below the hash marked area. Added 30 oz of oil to top it off. Checked it again 300 miles later and it's down about 60%. I added another 15 oz of oil.

What could be causing consumption like this?? 45 ounces in 800 miles is pretty abnormal. These cars are NOT supposed to consume oil like this, especially "atmospheric" cars like this one. I haven't heard of any pattern oil consumption failures on these cars.

I suspect the car got A LOT of short trips. Previous owners drove it about 7,500 miles a year. Carfax showed regular oil changes at dealerships and indie shops. I had my favorite indie do the cam belt and they noticed carbonized oil. They suggested doing an engine clean before the next oil change. The PCV does not whistle or groan but is likely original.

Next oil change will be to AmsOil 5W30 "XL". I'll do an engine flush immediately before that.

I was thinking of doing the plugs before winter. While the manifold is off I'd replace the PCV just for fun.

Any suggestions?

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