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Oil Change

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I know what your thinking not another oil change question but i could use some help.

First i am considering larger intervals between oil changes for instance 10,000 miles because i drive a lot and find that 3,000 miles is like 1 and a half months for me.

The first question - is this a good idea and will the oil hold up with optimum protection? Im thinking of using Castrol Edge

But im no sure if the OEM oil filter will hold up that long while providing good filtration. Because i have read that the filter can break down over time.

The second question - do you think that the OEM filter will hold up to the larger interval?

I did find this: http://www.us.mahle.com/C12570...TULEN
But am not sure if it is made in the OEM size and where to buy the filter.

Thanks in advance.
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turbo or non-turbo?
Re: Oil Change (campinassassin)

I bet with a good synthetic and OEM filters you could push it well beyond 3000 miles. There have been lots of oil analyses on turbo cars on the site which suggest that things have held up well for 5000+ miles on their engines.

You could gradually increase your change intervals and get the oil analyzed a few times until you find the limit, or get to a mileage you feel comfortable with.

Blackstone does oil analysis for $22.50; there may be others.

Re: (Bender)

Quote, originally posted by Bender »
turbo or non-turbo?

A 2004 2.4 is non turbo (unless it is a T5)..........so he should be fine with synthetic for 10K miles.
Re: (MagoonR)

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Re: (Bender)

Does anybody know about the filter that i posted a link above for. It looks like a very good idea for extended changes.
Re: Oil Change (VTT5)

If you're testing for extended oil life, you'll also want to spring an extra $10 for the TBN test, to find out how much of the useful additives are left:

Re: Oil Change (campinassassin)

You can go 5K on dino easily in a NA.

Drop the overhyped and marketed Castrol Edge.

You can do Pennzoil Plat synthetic for half the price practically and get 8K to 10K out of it. I have done that many times before.

Blackstone labs? forget it, save your money for another oil change. Not needed in these engines, and what do you do with the info anyway?

Crimy, it's only 2.4 L and a NA, and 168 horse with 6.1 quarts in the sump. Easily do 8 to 10K with synthetics.
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Re: Oil Change (campinassassin)

not smart to go further than 7500 miles on any oil without doing oil analsis but hey it's your car!!! Dave
Re: Oil Change (gaulrapp)

If you drive easy, you should get around 10k on an oil change. If you are a spirited driver, you should change it more frequently. ALWAYS use synthetic though. You can do 5k on dino oil.
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