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Oh Happy Day - Front End Vibration Finally Gone

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Hello all,

I finally got rid of the front end vibration that dogged our 2008 XC90 ever since it was new. We have the 17 inch wheels on our XC90. Whenever I got the car up to highway speeds (75 mph +), a front end shimmy would kick in. I had the stock Pirelli Scorpions rebalanced twice and the issue never went away. Well, I finally replaced the Pirellis with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires and had a four wheel alignment done. Now the car rides solid as a rock at these speeds. It was interesting to see how little wheel weights the Michelins needed for balancing compared to the Pirellis. I think the alignment also helped because I noticed that the Pirellis were also wearing unevenly. Thumbs up for the Michelin Latitude Tour HPs so far!
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Re: Oh Happy Day - Front End Vibration Finally Gone (240_XC90)

Quote, originally posted by 240_XC90 »
Where did you buy your tires and how much. Did you purchase the same size tire. 235/65/17. My Pirellis are terrible with 26,000 miles

I purchased them from Discount Tire for ~$183 each plus tax. However, they had a $70 rebate which took care of the tax. Yes, I did use the stock factory tire size. I suffered with our Pirellis for over 28000 miles.
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