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Below is a collection of Part numbers to enhance your XC90. Continue to post frequently used part numbers in this thread.

Thanks to itwontstopsnowin for posting the majority of these with his XC90 project. Here are some of the enhancements he applied to his XC90:

*Front bumper bar
*2013+ style LED tail lights
*2013+ LED Front Running Lights (Replace fog lamps)
*New style R design grille (R-Design emblem replaced with V8 emblem)
*Executive crests
*Ocean Race bumper inserts with chrome
*Silver roof rail end caps
*New style rear V O L V O emblem
*Rubber Mats
*Aluminum R-Design style Pedals
*2013+ R-Design Steering Wheel
*R-Design/Sport Blue Gauges
*OEM Sirius Radio
*OEM Premium Sound Amp and Speakers (Sounds amazing!)
*RTI 2013 Map/Firmware upgrade with 3D maps
*Wing Profile Cross Bars

2016 XC90 Wheel Center Caps: ( install thread )
31414934 - Silver
31414935 - Tech Black

R-Design 3-Spoke Sport Steering Wheel: ( install thread ) - Same Process as S80
With RTI: 30756165
Without RTI: 30756166

Chrome Tail Lamp Trim ( install thread )
Left Trim Piece: 30790284 - $39.23
Right Trim Piece: 30790285 - $39.23

2009 R-Design Dual Exhaust ( install thread)
Note: This kit is designed spefically for facelift cars (2007-2015). It seems as though it would be possible to fit it to an earlier model if you changed over the entire rear bumper. You need to purchase the exhaust kit itself, as well as a replacement exhaust gasket (if you wish). You also need to purchase one of two mounting kits. They are different depending upon whether or not you have the OEM Volvo trailer hitch. If you have an aftermarket hitch, you must get the mounting kit for NO HITCH. This is something that I discovered. The OEM hitch has mounting provisions on it for the exhaust mounting kit, however my aftermarket hitch did not. I ended up simply welding the necessary bracket to the side of my aftermarket hitch, but if I had ordered the non-hitch kit, it would have been a bolt-on installation.

Full Sport Exhaust Kit for Petrol V8 Models: 30756337 - $972.79 (Volvo Parts MSRP)
Full Sport Exhaust Kit for Petrol 3.2 Models: 30756338 - $1060.72 (Volvo Parts MSRP) May no longer be available from Volvo.
Full Sport Exhaust Kit for Diesel D5 Models: 30756339 - $972.79 (Volvo Parts MSRP)
Installation Kit for Cars Without Hitch, or With Aftermarket Hitch: 30635847 - $28.62 (Volvo Parts MSRP)
Installation Kit for Cars With OEM Hitch: 30756609 - $52.36 (Volvo Parts MSRP)
Gasket (Between new exhaust system and converters): 8672278 - $3.32 (Volvo Parts MSRP)
Nuts (To attach the new exhaust system to the converters): 985921 - $2.36 x2 (Volvo Parts MSRP)

2013+ "Silk Metal" Roof Rail Footing Caps: ( install thread )
This updates the look of the older style roof rails to look like the 2013+ XC90s.

Left Front: 31333099 - $13.91
Left Center: 31333101 - $11.25
Left Rear: 31333103 - $13.91

Right Front: 31333100 - $13.91
Right Center: 31333102 - $11.25
Right Rear: 31333104 - $13.91

If you don't already have the aluminum roof rails, and would like to fit those in order to get this look on your older model XC90, the part numbers for the silver/aluminum roof rails are:

Left: 31333095 - $281.25
Right: 31333096 - $281.25

Auxiliary Lighting Kit: ( install thread )
Note: The XC90 kit does not appear to be available from Volvo. However, I used the V70/XC70/S60 kit, and it contained all the necessary parts, and everything fit and worked perfectly. There appears to be no discernible difference between the two kits.

V70/XC70/S60 Kit: 30772053 - $144.56 (From Tasca)

Side Decor Kit: ( install thread )
Note: Willow Green (along with a few other colors) are no longer available. The kits I've listed in Italics are the ones that have been discontinued by Volvo. They do sell a kit which is just primed that can be painted any color you choose.

XC90-07- Primed - 30794160
XC90-07- Black - 019 - 30794013
XC90-07- Willow Green - 471 - 30794129
XC90-07- Silver Metallic - 426 - 30794026
XC90-07- Black Sapphire Metallic - 452 - 30794039
XC90-07- Ruby Red Pearl Metallic - 454 - 30794057
XC90-07- Titanium Gray Metallic - 455 - 30794066
XC90-07- Oyster Gray Pearl - 472 - 31213192
XC90-07- Shimmer Gold Pearl - 473 - 31213205
XC90-07- Ember Black Pearl - 487 - 31213218
XC90-07- Magic Blue Metallic - 467 - 30794102
XC90-07- Lava Sand Metallic - 468 - 30794111
XC90-07- Lunar Gold - 469 - 30794120

XC90-07- Electric Silver - 477 - 30794138
XC90-07- Shadow Blue - 480 - 30794151
XC90-07- Ice White - 614 - 30794075
XC90-07- Savile Gray - 492 - 31265740
XC90-07- Caper Green - 493 - 31265741

Primed Version - $2,110.34
Prepainted Versions - $2,191.17

The kit comes packaged in a giant box, and inside the box, each individual part is boxed up in a separate box with individual part numbers. This would indicate that the kit can be purchased part by part in case one of the parts is damaged, or improperly installed.

2013+ LED Tailights: ( install thread )
Recent Install Thread: XC90 LED Tail Light Upgrade
31335506 - lower, driver's side - $298 retail
30698141 - upper, driver's side - $152 retail
31335507 - lower, passenger's side - $298 retail
30698142 - upper, passenger's side - $152 retail

A small resistor is needed, here is what one user did:

2x 25W 30ohm resistor between black and white wire of the L and R Position light
2x 50W 6ohm resistor between black and yellow wire of the L and R Brake light ( example )
07 XC90 V8: Access the two wire yellow and black behind the rubber seal. I did not cut them but just peeled off the insulation in a very small area to expose the cooper wire on the yellow and black. then attached the resistor's two ends between the 2 exposed areas on the yellow and black and walla all works with NO error message (no brake or position light fault code). I also wanted to say that only adding the register on the driver side (ONE register) solved the error message problem. I did not have to do the passenger side at all.
2013+ LED Fog/DRL lights:

Mirror Covers:
30756163 - Silk Metal Mirror Covers
L - 39894340, R - 39894353 - Black Mirror Covers
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Volvo Manuals:

How-To's, Breakdowns, Information and Many Other XC90 Related PDF's:

High Mileage XC90 Buying Guide:

Mechanical Upgrade/Repair/Maintenance/Info

Volvo XC90 - Reset “Time for Regular Maintenance” Message with VIDA/DiCE:

Volvo XC90 - Reset “Time for Regular Maintenance” Message (2003-2007):
1. Insert Key and Turn to Position I
2. Press and Hold Odometer Button then Turn the Key to Position II
3. Hold Odometer Button until Hazard Triangle in Center of Dash Flashes and then Release the Button Quickly
4. The Message Should Now be Reset

Note: I use the trip meter (T1) to track my mileage per tank. If you also do this, you should first insert and turn the key to POS I, click the odometer button once to move to T2, then turn the key off and remove it from the cylinder before following the above sequence. The process above resets which ever trip meter the car is in when you turn it on, so this protects the mileage in T1.

Volvo XC90 - Sunroof Drain Repair (Water in Front Foot Wells):

Volvo XC90 - Reset Automatic Window Function (Window Auto-Up Bumps Top and Goes Back Down):
1. Open the fusebox cover on the driver’s side of the dash facing the door.
2. Close the affected window. Make sure car is ON (position II) or running. Locate the fuse for the affected door module (either #5 or #6).
3. Open the affected window, and while the window is moving down, remove the fuse for the door module.
4. Wait a second and then insert the fuse.
5. Close the affected window by holding the switch all the way up (as if you were using the auto-up function) and hold the switch in the auto-up position at least 5 seconds after the window closes.
6. Test the auto-down and auto-up function – it should be working now! If it still does not work, you will need to use a scan tool that can scan the passenger or driver’s side door modules.

Credit: https://andrewpeng.net/cars/2006-volvo-xc90-v8-awd/xc90-automatic-window-problems

Volvo XC90 - Repair Intermittent Turn Signal:

Volvo XC90 - Clock Spring/Steering Angle Sensor Replacement:

Volvo XC90 - Door Lock Actuator Replacement:

Volvo XC90 - Rear Tailgate Handle Repair Guide:

Volvo XC90 & S80 V8 - Spark Plug Replacement:

XC90 & S80 V8 - Fuel Pressure Sensor Replacement:

Volvo XC90 & S80 V8 - How-To: Serpentine Belt, Tensioner & Idler Pulleys Replacement:

Volvo XC90 & S80 V8 - DIY Alternator Replacement:

Volvo XC90 & S80 V8 - Valve Cover Gasket Replacement:

Volvo XC90 & S80 T6 - Timing Belt Change How-To:

Volvo XC90 V8 - Oil Change Procedure:

Volvo XC90 - Fuel Filter Replacement:
Same process as on the S60R/V70R:

Volvo XC90 - Engine Air Filter Replacement (Non-V8):

Volvo XC90 V8 - Engine Air Filter Replacement:

Volvo XC90 - Cabin Air Filter Replacement:

Volvo XC90 – Rear Brake Pad Replacement How-To:

Volvo XC90 – Parking Brake Pad Replacement and Adjustment:
https://ledge.sparsholt.ac.uk/plugi...e/content/1/XC90 parking brake adjustment.pdf

Volvo XC90 – "R" Brembo Brake Caliper Upgrade/Swap How-To:

Volvo XC90 – CCM Reset to Remedy HVAC Blend Door Noise (Hoot!):

Volvo XC90 - VIDEO How-To: Brake Vacuum Pump Reseal:

Volvo XC90 - How To: Replace Front Wheel Hub Assembly:

Volvo XC90 - How To: Replace Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly:

Volvo XC90 - Haldex AWD Pump Replacement / Oil Change Procedure:

Volvo XC90 V8 - Angle Gear Oil Change Procedure:

Volvo XC90 2.5T - Angle Gear Spline/Sleeve Write-Up:

Volvo XC90 - 06-08 Transmission Valve Body Info (Shift Flares, Neutral Condition, Transmission Issues):

Volvo XC90 - How To: XC90 6-Speed Transmission (TF-80SC) Fluid Flush:

Volvo XC90 - DIY Engine Mount Replacements:

Volvo XC90 V8 Sport/R-Design (Dual Exhaust) - Y-Pipe Replacement Options:

Aesthetic Upgrade/Repair/Maintenance/Info

Volvo XC90 - Personal Car Settings Using VADIS/VIDA:

Settings Include:
Functions for Unlocking (1 or 2 Stage Unlocking with FOB)
Functions for Car Confirmation (Indicators Flashing When Locked/Unlocked)
Function for Automatic Locking (Car Locks Automatically at 7 km/h)
Function for Alarm Activation/Deactivation (Activate/Deactivate Car Alarm with Interior Lock Switches)
Function for Seat Temperature (Low 28-35°C, Med 32-38°C, High 36-43°C Seat Heat Setting)

Volvo XC90 - Aftermarket Double DIN Head Unit Installation:

Volvo XC90 - R-Design/Sport (Blue) Gauges Retrofit:

Volvo XC90 - Driver's Seat Side Panel Replacement:
39802011 - Gray/Black
39802012 - Oak
39802013 - Controlled Beige
(Make sure to verify the part #'s for your specific application)

Volvo XC90 - Front Seat Side Panel Replacement/Seat Removal/Seat Reupholstering:

Volvo XC90 - Broken Center Console Hinge (with RSE):
30635628 for chassis up to 372596 (~2003-2006) - $241.25
30790274 for chassis 372597 and up (~2007+) - $83.52
2007-2014 Volvo XC90 Center Console Lid Bottom - RSE/DVD - http://store.voluparts.com/07-up-volvo-xc90-dvd-center-console-lid-bottom/

Volvo XC90 - How to Remove Headliner and Sunroof Shade:

Volvo XC90 - Taxi Door Washer (Make Rear Doors Open Wider):

Volvo XC90 - Front Bumper Bar Upgrade: (From Sport & R-Design)
30763522 - $388.96

Volvo XC90 – Disabling DRL with CEM Programming:

Volvo XC90 - 07+ Bi-Xenon Conversion Instructions:

Volvo XC90 - Custom LED DRL's & Upper Taillight Modification:

Volvo XC90 - How to Fix Cloudy Chrome Window Trim:

Volvo XC90 - R-Design Fender Flare Retrofit:

Volvo XC90 - Replace Executive C-Pillar Covers with Black C-Pillar Covers and Executive Emblem:
30796197 / 8663890 Applique Black - Exterior Door Rear
30796198 / 8663891 Applique Black - Exterior Door Rear
30790487 / 8694807 XC90 Emblem - Exterior Door Rear

Volvo XC90 R-Design/Dual Exhaust - OE Hitch Install (Minimum Cutting):

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OFFICIAL: XC90 Part Number & "How to" Thread

Can anyone point me in the right direction on replacing the homelink cover plate that sets into the visor? All I can seem to found is the whole kit that’s over 300 but all I need is the cover plate that has a broken button.

In a 2012 XC90.

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Roof rail delete:


2008 Volvo XC90 V8 AWD - Climate Pkg, Versatility Pkg, and Convenience Pkg
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2008 XC90 3.2
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Here is a thread review on front-end parts, mainly aftermarket, but including suspension and brakes:
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