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*official* Northern California Dyno Day (August 5, 2005, Sacramento, CA)

Date: Friday, August 5, 2005
Time: 8:30am to 6pm
Location: Sacramento Volvo Service (SVS)
Hours, Location, info: http://sacvolvo.com/ and http://www.svsrnd.com
Cost: 65/car (for 10 people.......54 per car if we get 12 cars)

Included in dyno: 3 pulls, wideband o2 up tailpipe, and boost readout (if you have a port readily available...240s can easily just use their air vent hose....others will have to figure their vacuum port prior to the dyno)

anyone is invited to show.. i still haven't thought of lunch.. we all can perhaps pitch in for pizza.. dress for hot valley weather!

now that we have twelve people signed up, we need to make sure nobody does no more than .5-1 minutes of tuning on the dyno, otherwise you might forfeit your remaining pulls... anal? yes. keep in mind we pay 650 dollars for the whole day. typically 12 cars will be no problem.. but they made clear to me that if somebody has to screw around with with their car(s) while on the dyno the chances of getting 12-14 cars on the dyno will be slimmed down to 10...... also, mechanical failure on the dyno does not mean you lucked out in paying....

so even though we have 12 people now, we can always try to squeeze 14 cars.. it's possible. SVS told me they had the mustang folks do 14-15 cars easily..

anyone have ideas for lunch?

jeffm6809 vcoa
gary sellstrom vcoa/tbricks
doug (tbricks almighty god)
justin (blu92in99)
pat (the one and only.. all others are fakes)
fake pat #1 (Brickster151)
fredgallaher (vcoa/tbricks)
sean conrad vcoa
kiri (tbricks)

wait list:
mjkspyder_one (tbricks)
yozsi (tbricks)

so far: 12

goal: 12 cars (10 + 2 on wait list)

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