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OEM Nearly New Volvo C30 / V50 / S40 Winter Floor Mats

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Packaged for shipping and ready to go and in perfect shape.

Only used for 4,000 kilometres, or about 2,500 miles - Owner of the C30 traded it in on an Audi A3 S-Line, and left these in the C30 she traded in. They were bought from the parts counter, so I raided and kept them rather than sending them back to Volvo Financial with the car.

I want $70 + shipping for them, shipping will be at most about $30 to Florida - so I'll say $100 shipped, if it's less, then I'll refund the difference. If more, I'll eat that cost. All CDN funds.

Modified by vancouver83ltd at 11:10 AM 3-25-2009
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Not to be a downer, but I bought a new set through a Volvo dealer's ebay store for less than that...might want to reconsider pricing.
Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

Thanks for handling it in an oh-so tactful way, and instead of politely PM'ing me just badmouthing my for sale.

Note where it says CDN - for $Canadian?

Or do I need to bold it for your blind ass?
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Re: (vancouver83ltd)

I'll give you 45 CDN for them.
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