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Odd sound?

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Can anyone identify what this sound might be? I left my car running while grabbing some items from the grocery store, and came back to it making this odd sound. My first guess is that it was the parking brake, but I wasn't on any kind of incline/decline.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Mine has been making a similar sound recently! I’m 95% sure it’s the butterfly valve in the passenger side exhaust outlet in my case. I found a DTC code I think might be related (no lights or warnings in the dash) but haven’t confirmed.

Do you have a T6? You can see the valve if you shine a light in the passenger side exhaust.

2019 S60 T6 Inscription w/advanced & Polestar tune
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NP! Report back if you have it looked at. I’m planning on having mine checked when I bring it in for its 40k service in May, unless it becomes more of an issue between now and then. You can also unplug the valve while the car is turned off and it will stay open- according to others on the forum.

Do you have a code reader? I’d be curious if you’re getting the P26DC00 DTC too. I can’t find anything Volvo specific on that code, but other manufacturers (Ford, Mercedes) use it for issues with similar sound-controlling exhaust valves…

2019 S60 T6 Inscription w/advanced & Polestar tune
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