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Date: Tuesday, October 2nd
Time: 7:00 - ~8:30
Whole Foods
1160 Town and Country Crossing Drive
Town and Country MO 63017

Although I've never been there, I understand they have seating both inside and outside. If it's a nice evening, we will sit outside. If not, we will sit inside in the dining area.

We have a couple of significant things to cover. The first is discussion and potential approval of the proposed By-Laws. Please find the latest version attached. Please review this in advance and come prepared to present any questions or discussion items.

The second, is election of officers for the coming year. The offices will be:
Events and Membership Chair
We will also make a decision on dues for the club, which could result in the addition of a Treasurer or perhaps expand the responsibilities of the Secretary to include the financial management responsibilities

Finally - we'll discuss recent and upcoming club activities.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Keep Rolling,
Glen McMillin
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