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OBDII Code Reader Recommendations

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I am looking for an OBDII code reader that works with our cars that is not too expensive (under $100). I tried one at Advance Autoparts by Actron that said that it was compatible with CAN but it would not work (communication error).

Sorry, I tried the search but didn't come up with anything definitive.

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Re: OBDII Code Reader Recommendations (ForceFed Motorsports)

I have the Acutron CP9145 that I use on all my cars and it hasnt given me any problems with any make to date. It has been used on VW's, Audi's, Hyundai's, Dodge, GMC, and Volvo's.

I think I paid about $200 for it a while back (was in a panic when I actually bought it) as I screwed up my car and needed to trouble shoot on the fly.

I am not sure about the least expensive OBD II reader that Acutron makes as I never used it.

For the money the CP9145 is a decent tool to have.
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