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OBDII Code Reader Recommendations

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I am looking for an OBDII code reader that works with our cars that is not too expensive (under $100). I tried one at Advance Autoparts by Actron that said that it was compatible with CAN but it would not work (communication error).

Sorry, I tried the search but didn't come up with anything definitive.

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Re: OBDII Code Reader Recommendations (AutoGeek)

I have the Mac tools ET50 scan tool at work that i use occasionally. It seems to read volvos alright... unfortunately since i have access to my own laptop, DiCE, and VIDA its hard to compare lol.
Re: OBDII Code Reader Recommendations (AutoGeek)

IF your looking for something to hook up to your laptop maybe its time to invest in the IPD softloader and get the diagnostic software with it
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