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I'm selling my "Alex C. Peper Car Code" OBD-2 scanner and diagnostic tool for MS Windows.

- Reset your Volvo service reminder light!
- collect real-time data (MAF, AIT, TP, load, etc, etc...)
- real-time dashboard display
- find out why your CEL/Lambda light is on
- monitor performance mod changes
- measure 0-60 and 1/4 performance
- export to .csv file for use in your choice of programs (Excel, Crysal reports, etc.)

http://www.obd-2.com/routepit.htm (3rd one down)
The particular one I have is the 'Blue Route ISO 9141 iTrans" and works with Volvo models from 1996-2005* (also supports many cars, check website). We did a Swedespeed GB a couple years ago and I beleive the price was $120 plus shipping.
http://www.obd-2.com/routepit.htm (3rd one down)

The software will work on just about any old low-end Windows PC version 3.1 and up! I've used it with 98, 2000 and XP with success. It will work with USB-to-Serial port adapters for those newer computers that only have USB ports (I have a USB adapter that I can bundle in the sale if required).

* Volvo changed to CAN somewhere in 2005 for certain vehicles, this is why I'm selling it since it does not work with my newer 2005 & 2006 Volvo's.

New price purchase price is $132USD, buy mine for $100 or $115 w/USB adapter (shippig extra).

If you upgrade to newer Volvo in the future, Alex C. Peper offers a $100 trade-up credit.

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