First it was Hyundai flinging special discounts in the direction of imminently carless Volkswagen diesel owners. Now Volvo has added its name to the list of automakers attempting to woo this unique crop of vehicular nomads.

The approval of Volkswagen’s massive settlement deal with U.S. owners and environmental regulators on Tuesday is apparently a sales opportunity not to be missed, but Volvo is approaching it from a different direction than Hyundai.

According to online retailer CarsDirect , while Hyundai promises slashed price tags, Volvo will offer would-be buyers extra piece of mind.

From now until January 2, Volvo is offering owners of bought-back Volkswagen TDI models five years of complimentary “Safe & Secure Coverage” — a perk applied to any 2016 or 2017 Volvo model. Like the Hyundai deal, you’ll need to show proof of 2.0-liter diesel ownership.

So, what is Volvo really offering? The boosted warranty, which CarDirect estimates to be worth $1,700, brings five years or 50,000 miles of free scheduled maintenance, free roadside assistance, and no-cost replacement of brake components and wiper blades. For a premium vehicle, this isn’t exactly a screaming deal — especially when compared with the savings Hyundai has on the table.

However, Volvo and Hyundai aren’t exactly direct competitors, and the offer isn’t insignificant for those already thinking of ditching the Germans in favor of the Swedes. But wait, there’s more.

Buyers of a certified pre-owned Volvo stand to gain a $750 credit and a seven-year, 100,000 mile warranty, plus free roadside assistance. Oh, and there’s also existing incentives for Volkswagen and Audi owners totaling several thousand dollars in savings. A buyer of a 2016 V60 could see $4,500 placed on the hood (for a limited time, anyway).

Volvo is slowly recovering in the U.S. after several years wandering the sales desert. If it’s able to lure some Volkswagen owners into its fold, Germany’s loss is Sweden’s gain.

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