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Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake & Portsmouth folks:

Let's get together for some good home-cooked Memphis style BBQ in Portsmouth, Va. Saturday Sept. 29 at high noon. There's plenty of parking for everybody & if there's enough interest Will can bring the grille out front for ribs, turkey legs & dogs.

This is open to everybody, not just Volvos. You just need to be an automotive enthusiast & love good Memphis style BBQ.

After we eat we can roll out for a photo shoot & maybe a short cruise.

TOM is a really small hole-in-the-wall memphis style BBQ joint run by one guy and as everyone who has ever tried it will say, its downright fantastic. Everything is made from scratch except for the NY style hot dogs.

once we get a little closer to the day ill need a good head count so i can let Will (owner/operator) know how much food to make, he said hes going to bring the grill out front and just pretty much cater the meet.

Everything is made from scratch and made fresh. The coleslaw is made in front of you before he puts it on the sandwich. His chili is all beans and is not spicy, but full of flavor. By far the best baked beans (chili) that I've ever had.

Virginia Beach Cars & Coffee is that morning & many of us are going to head out there first. C&C ends at 930, so we'll probably just take a drive for some photos before heading to the BBQ.

The initial thread started over on Turbobricks here:



Taste of Memphis menu:

All Beef Hot Dogs:

Beal Street Dog - mustard, ketchup & coleslaw $2

Titan Dog - Mustard & chili $2

North Haven Dog - Onions, chili & coleslaw $3

Frazier Dog - Onions, chili & sauerkraut $3

Memphis All Star Dog - Chili, onions & dirty rice $3

Shut Ya Mouth Dog - Chili, dirty rice & coleslaw $4

Dog Pull - Pulled Pork on a hot dog w. coleslaw $4

Memphis Missile Hot Sausage - Chili & dirty rice $4

P-Town Hot Sausage - mustard, onion & coleslaw $4

Sides - made without pork (except for the collard greens)

Dirty Rice

Mac & Cheese


Collard Greens

Baked Beans - best I've ever had & I've even had Boston Baked Beans from the Union Oyster House in Boston


3 chicken wings $5
w. 1 side $7
w. 2 sides $8

Pork Ribs $8
w. 1 side $10
w. 2 sides $11

BBQ Pulled Pork $7
w. 1 side $9
w. 2 sides $10

Beef Ribs (Fri & Sat) $9
w. 1 side $10
w. 2 sides $12

Turkey Wing (Fri & Sat) $6
w. 1 side $8
w. 2 sides $9

Grizzlies BBQ Sandwich $5

Bag of chips $1
Can Soda $0.50
Bottled Water $1
Slice of cake $2
side only $3


Taste of Memphis

75 Afton Parkway
Portsmouth, Virginia
located in the Cradock section of Portsmouth


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We're trying to make this a quarterly get together. Our first meet was kind of thrown together within Turbobricks so it was only 4 of us that showed up, but we want to expand it to everybody.

Big Will knows how to throw down some BBQ and he's a great guy to talk to about anything.

Had a fun photo shoot afterwards at an old theater in Portsmouth


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Event is this Saturday. Weather is forecasted to be 76 degrees with clear skies.

Will is bringing the grill out front and will be making his famous Memphis style ribs, pulled pork and NY style hot dogs.

Come on out for some home-cooked BBQ!

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Sorry I missed this! I will be sure to check this section more often!
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