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just picked up a 04 s60, 2.4, 5sp, fwd, just one of the base model jawns, only had it for a few weeks but I'm already itching to tinker with it.

first off, i know it will never compare to a turbo car and I'm not looking for huge performance so none of that "sell it a buy a turbo" BS

had the hood popped to give the bay a little bit of a detail and got around to looking at the intake, I was kind of hoping there would be a way to easily throw a cone filter on. but thats certainly not the case. obviously theres a MAF sensor to deal with but what had me more baffled was the metal duct that runs from the exhaust manifold directly to the air box. what is this and what purpose does it serve?

are there any aftermarket options as far as an intake would go? yes i know the stock units potentially make better hp/tq but i love me some induction noise...i know there are options for the turbo cars but anything for the non-turbos?
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