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Hiya, after a second informed opinion here folks pwetty pwease

The fault: My passenger side bi-xenon wont toe up to a correct height even with max turns on the 6mm manual adjuster, the drivers side is fine.

I thought this was going to be an easy 2 minute SUM recalibration fix, however no such luck.

Im being told by the volvo dealer (and to be fair they did show me the vida computer screens) that this 2.9 model doesnt have the 4c chassis and the SUM module was greyed out on the VIDA screen.

they are telling me that they will have to remove the bumper, take the unit out and then diagnose the fault. hopefully they can re seat it and then all will be fine if not they are on about replacing the adjuster on the unit and take it from there.

does this sound right, was thinking this would be a quick and therefore cheap fix, now it seems like its going to be an expense.
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