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Running a 740 SE Estate (in the United Kingdom) with 2 litre injection (B200E engine).
Just fitted new rotor, disributor cap, plugs and HT leads. Started all OK, sounded smooth and just right. Then took it for a test drive, after a few mins it just died on me, pushed it back home (good calf workout!). Had a good check + no spark is reaching the plugs. Have checked coil - primary and secondary resistance all ok. Power is getting from the coil to the dist cap. Even tried refitting old cap, rotor, plugs and leads, but still no spark to plugs. I have checked all the fuses, and that the rotor is turning OK, cambelt OK, all wires are connected as they should be.
I was hoping I had done something dumb, but no such luck everything seems to check out. The distributor is located at the back of the head.

1. Both leads are connected to the coil and show voltage Ok when ignition is turned on.

2. Voltage reading is OK at the distributor end of the HT lead from the coil, so power is getting from the coil to the distributor.

3. The 3 pin connector at the base of the dist is connected OK, removed the rubber boot and checked wires were in good condition.

4. All HT leads make good contact with both dist and plugs.

5. Checked all fuses in fuse panel, all OK.

6. Rotor turns OK, cambelt OK.

7. Tried turning engine over with exposed spark plug in HT lead still no spark.

8. Checked main ignition control, located under steering column inside car. All connected ok.

9. Haven't checked fuel supply, but if there is no spark there doesn't seem much point.

Had the local mobile mechanic round and he said something about a power surge travelling back to the ignition controler? and possibly having to diconnect its earth then reconecting it again and also doing something else? Said he would get back to me. He mentioned somthing about a tech bulletin from Volvo about this?
Its a Bosch ignition system, model:- 0261 201 010

Does not have an amp box or any thing like that. The ECU or control unit is located inside the car just below the steering column.
Anyone got any more ideas on what to check, or if the mechanic is making this up?

Thanks from Tim in the UK
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