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Title pretty much says it all. I have no sound coming from my speakers, but the display seems to work fine. I have the premium audio system.

I found this thread in a search, and it seems to be a very similar problem, but unfortunately for me, the OP's radio fixed itself. I saw some other similar threads too, but no definite cause or solution.

Background: It didn't stop working out of the blue, I've been having this issue for a while now. When it first started to act up, it seemed to only happen when I had driven the car recently and it was still relatively warm, and it didn't happen very often. Aside from maybe a couple instances, it didn't cut out while driving. It would be evident as soon as I turned the key. It would occasionally kick back on in the middle of a drive though. Typically it would work fine after sitting overnight, but if I drove to a store or someplace that I was in and out of quickly, it wouldn't work once I got back to the car. It seemed to slowly get worse and require more and more cool down time between uses, until eventually it only worked a few days out of a week. Then about a week ago, it stopped working altogether.

The only other symptom I've noticed is the Bluetooth hands-free phone thing that came with the car. The answer and end buttons are usually backlit green and red, but when the radio isn't working, it goes dark.

My current plan is to check connections to the amp, radio, and Bluetooth thing, and if that's fruitless I'll double check any fuses related to the audio/Bluetooth system. The intermittent nature of the problem when it first started along with the lack of Bluetooth lights lead me to think it may just be a connection issue somewhere. Beyond that, I'm currently stumped. Has anyone figured this out?
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