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no OBX exhaust for S60 AWD?

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looking into replace my exhaust with something relatively cheap. (EST is too much)

so I was looking at OBX, seems the downpipe would fit but they dont make a catback for the AWD drivetrain? maybe the R version would fit using the FWD OBX downpipe?

My original system is leaking at the resonator now also my DP flex pipe sheathing is detached on one end and my muffler is rotted

what are my options?

edit: found second hand catback original exhaust systems for $175 from strandberg auto but I'm trying to find how much shipping for this huge piece.
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Being AWD you need AWD/R fitment parts not FWD.

FWD cars can run AWD exhausts but not the other way around. AWD has extra stuff like angle gear and rear differential that the exhaust needs to clear, the AWD parts are bent differently to accommodate this, AWD parts will fit FWD but will sit lower than needed, FWD parts on AWD will not clear the angle gear or rear diff.

Hope that clears that up for you. :thumbup:

EDIT - I'll give you my stock AWD catback with less than 50,000 miles on it for $100 if you want to come pick it up.....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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