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I brought the new car in today to get my registration sticker, a new key programed and they were going to look and see if they could do something to my front bumper which I noticed was not quite flush with the car...

3 hours later they had the key programed and ready for my registration sticker, but no luck with the bumper, they said they want to wait until the body shop guy is in...

then one of the sales guys said he didn't remember the bumper being like that when he sold it to me (when i called them about it approx. 3 days after i picked it up) i assured him it wasn't my fault... we'll see how the blame game goes... my family has good connections there so hopefully they'll just fix it without question, but i may end up paying a bit to get it re-aligned and all set

i would rather just get it fixed and not have to worry about it then try to argue with them all day long, it just means i need to come all the way back from school again next weekend.. ughh.. bad service people

thanks for all the stuff about the bowed bumper and the pics and everything, even if they don't fix that i'm going to fix it with my uncle per direction of that older post, i'm already loving this forum and all the advice in it, thanks everyone!
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