The next-gen XC90 is getting an electric variant, says a new report. It will be the first model on the company's next-gen platform update. Volvo is also planning more 40-series vehicles, though it isn't saying exactly what those will be just yet.

The news of the electric XC90 comes from company CEO Håkan Samuelsson, Autocar reports . The electric XC90, which will presumedly be called the XC90 Recharge in keeping with Volvo's new naming system, is due around 2022. That new model will be the first on an updated version of the company's SPA architecture, a platform that will be used for all next-gen 60-series and 90-series models.

Expect PHEV and mild-hybrid versions of the crossover as well, but not a diesel. Volvo has previously said it plans to drop that fuel from the lineup going forward. The report also stated that production of the XC90 would move from Sweden to South Carolina.

Samuelsson also confirmed, the report says, that the new SPA cars, including the XC90, will have more potential for autonomous driving features, with hardware that could allow full hands-off driving. Should regulations catch up. But the exec did not say that it would be a fully autonomous vehicle.

The CEO also revealed an expansion of the 40-series. Currently, only the XC40 is offered, but Samuelsson said that Volvo "realised the need for another small, premium car," and that they have "plans to do more models of the family”. No word on when such an expansion could occur.