You can track your parcels, your pizza, and now your roadside assistance thanks to Volvo. The Swedish brand's US wing is introducing next generation roadside assistance technology to let you know exactly where help is when you need it.

“Our next generation roadside assistance provides complete transparency to the affected customers,” said Bill Casey, Director of Customer Care and Dealer Support. “Real time tracking will allow customers to know exactly when help will arrive and whom to expect. It will dramatically cut down on the response time, setting a new benchmark in the industry.”

The system works by using Volvo's network of connected cars. In Europe, the system has been used to help valet service, fuel delivery, and in-car delivery by tracking the locations of its vehicles. The system, in conjunction with Volvo's trucks, has been used to warn drivers about coming hazards on the road, by warning nearby vehicles when a Volvo has turns on its hazard lights.

The roadside assistance system works through a user interface not unlike a ride hailing app and will be facilitated by customer service representatives who will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The system debuted on June 1.