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hey everybody, im new. im a regular on audiworld, but it looks like im going to be spending most of my time here. a few days ago i was driving home from work and saw a 96 850 advertised for $4700. i took a look at it, and offered $4300. done deal. i gave the guy a deposit and came back this morning to give him the rest of the money and drove away negotiating on a price of $3500. wow. this thing needs some work, like a new windshield, headlight and corner lenses, bulbs, wheel bearings and the suspension is creaking and clanking. i know these things will take a bit of cash to fix, but for $3500, i couldnt pass car up...oh yeah it also has 163k on the odometer. im sure i will have tons of questions, so thanks in advance.
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WOW! Good luck, sounds like a restoration project to me.

Does it have a normally aspirated engine or a turbocharged engine?

As for some parts, if you want new ones, www.ipdusa.com has some parts, such as replacement lights, corner lenses. Suspension they sell as well, but what do you need? Shocks, struts... and what about wheel bearings? Like the ones in the axle... those can be found at www.ipdusa.com, like mentioned above.

Once again, Good luck

p.s. what's your name?
thanks for all the info. i will check the links you sent. the car is N/A.

p.s. name is joel
Joel -

Welcome. You may want to try www.volvoworld.com and wwww.alloemvolvopart.com as well.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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