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Hi Im Thomas,
I bought a 1996 850 GLT that had transmission issues, that was an easy fix,
What has been happening now is driving me nutz ... Ive had this car for over 6 months
and I cannot get it in my name as I having difficulties getting it to pass California Emissions ..

it seems like right when its ready to smog, as soon as it take it to the smog shop the damn thing
throws a code, or the check engine light bulb will burn out... SERIOUSLY.. it could go a month without
a minute issue, but as soon as I try to get it smogged it throws a code or whatever.

My recent codes are p0422 and we all know how fun that one is... well not fun for me as I am pretty
much a moron when it comes to auto repair, although I did fix the tranny,,,
I You tube everything or google it.. thats how I found all of you...

I will probably willbe begging for help..... so be prepared,,,, lol'
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