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Hi all - greetings from a (finally) sunny U.K! This is my first post on the SS forum, and believe me when I say I am very happy to have found it!.

Recently acquired an 04 plate v50 2.4i - all has been going splendidly and I have managed to fix/remedy a few things thanks to searching the forums - but I now have a problem with my high performance audio system (6xcd) - and despite searching - cant find the help i need!

The stereo has been great, but when I started the car this morning - no sound whatsoever from the left hand side set of speakers! So - ( hoping one of the kids had been messing with the buttons!) I checked the balance and other settings. All fine. Then I stripped the trims off the doors - and all seems well with the actual speakers/wires/routing. :confused:

I have a Parrot bluetooth device wired into the system and this is still working on all speakers - so it seems to be just the output from cd/radio that isnt getting through to the left hand side speakers?
The right hand side speakers are all working fine on both cd/radio/bluetooth.

any tips or advice would be appreciated!

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Either a) something's loose behind the radio or b) the radio's got a short.

Either way, I might let the dealer have a look if they'll diagnose it no-charge.
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