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New Warranty

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I just picked up a new XC70 T6 last Wednesday. The car had to go back to the dealer this Wednesday because of a check engine light. I received an email today ofering an extended warranty and factory paid for oil changes and brake service on new purchases. What are the chances of getting this applied to my car. The new offer says 6/2 - 6/30/09 purchases. I have a call into my salesman now.
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Re: New Warranty (kwagon)

Your car isn't eligible,sorry.
Re: New Warranty (VolvoMax)

Thanks for the reply. Are you by any chance a dealer to know whether the dealer might have some leeway in the paperwork or a request to Volvo. I doubted that anything could be done but it doesn't hurt to ask. I bought a Lenovo laptop and got notice of a price drop when my machine was in shipping transit. They honored the price drop.
Re: New Warranty (kwagon)

the extended warranty is for cars sold after 6/2 as an incentive to help sell down the remaining '09's. As your car was delivered earlier in the year, you can buy the extended warranty including 4 more factory scheduled services for $2995 through your dealer.
You can be sure the dealers have added $2995 to the price after June 2nd.
Re: (Lunchman)

Quote, originally posted by Lunchman »
You can be sure the dealers have added $2995 to the price after June 2nd.

Volvo Cars is providing the warranty FREE if you buy a car from June 2-June 30.
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