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I just bought a 2005 V50 yesterday. In reading here, I guess I'm not going to find an easy way to hook up my iPod. Is there anyway at all? How about satellite radio? I haven't had a Volvo for several years, since the 850's came out. I had an 850 sedan and then a wagon. A Volvo is still a Volvo inside, the dash has changed but not much else.

My 17 year old son has a 1995 940 Turbo that he loves. He cried when we gave it to him, he wanted something "cooler". We gave the car to him for its safety and told him he could have a different car in a year if he kept the Volvo up. It's been over a year and he passed on getting a newer "cooler" car, wanting to keep his Volvo. He added exhaust to it and purple neons under it -- maybe I ought to get neons too!

Thank you for your help!

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